U-18 form

U-18 form

Youth protection – educational assignment

Dear Parents / Educators, With the entry into force of the new Youth Protection Law, you have the possibility to expressly name a person with parental authority. Accompanied by a person with parental authority, your child can participate in certain events, including the attendance of dance events (discos) from 16 years after 0:00 am. Please bear in mind when giving the educational assignment:
• The person having parental authority must be over age of 18.
• The person must be mature enough to be able to provide the child with any necessary support in any situation.
• In the case of an evening visit, your child must be able to ride home.
• Ensure that the child is not under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

As a matter of principle, if you appoint a person with parental authority, they continue to bear full responsibility for your child, including the obligation to supervise and to comply with all liability regulations. To facilitate this, we have provided an education application to download (Download: education application) . A person over 18 years old can supervise a maximum of 2 persons. For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email: info@ruhrgbeat-events.de.

With kind regards

Ruhr’G’Beat Events